Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Happened Next

Right after the last post, exactly that day, life went into a tailspin from which I have not yet fully emerged. Loss, grief, regret, financial catastrophe and to top it all off a bad haircut. I think I aged two years in the past two months, which you really can't afford when you are my age. They've pretty much been wasted, terrible, horrible months, which have cost me dearly healthwise and lookswise.
That said, here is what I can remember of the past two months:
I did get powder. I got wonderful powder (the snow kind) both in my home state and in California. In fact, I skied after Easter and there was plenty of snow left. I remember the big snowstorm on my birthday, December 20, and how I hurried home so as not to miss it---if only I'd known how many more snowstorms there would be this winter!
The snow in NY was at least as good as the snow in Cali and much less expensive. The most fun run was the eponymous run at the NY State resort beginning with B. I just discovered it this year. Discover it for yourself.

I remember a moonlight surf one night, in the midst of all the strife. I got back home with only half an hour of daylight left and was dying to surf but wished there was more light. Well, not to worry, the full moon came up, and that combined with the light of the planes passing overhead was enough light to surf. And I was not the only fool out in the dark. One guy was left, having a blast and helping me find the best spot to catch waves. We surfed together---I have no idea who he was---for more than an hour in the dark.

Then there have been the early summer surfs, just a couple. Considering how bad a shape I am in I surfed amazingly well.I was astonished that I could do it at all. It makes me see how well I can surf when I am actually feeling, well, well.

I've got a loaner surfboard that is only 6 -10 and will be trying it out soon. Today the waves were just a little too big to be on an unfamiliar board. (Thanks, Miguel.)

Summer's started and I'm aware that the local surf clique sees blood in the water, bad haircut and all. Screw 'em. I live here and I surf here. So I've stopped putting on lipstick to go surfing, so I look like shit, so my toenails aren't polished. Those are the kinds of things that start gossip. Screw 'em. As I always say, I'm here to surf. Don't need Botox for that.